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Our design niche is creating beautiful spaces
that celebrate families.
Paradigm's mission is to simply bring beauty and functionality to today's family living spaces. Creator & Story Telling Designer, Trista Jones Manigault and her design team, have researched and developed a 'family formula' for over 18 years to understand the needs of families, particularly mothers in their homes. By creating good design that incorporates the needs of children throughout all ages, while still appreciating quality design aesthetics; Trista has created the world of Paradigm. 

"Why be boring, when you can be brilliant" 

        Kitchen Design​​​​
Great kitchen design is all about storage, storage, modern amenities, storage, and great tile.  Did we mention storage?  Families will spend many hours in the kitchen creating the heart of the home. 

It is very important for this space to be open for food festivities as well as communication.  Paradigm offers great function design recipes that help support the family in this key space of creating memories for a lifetime.
      Office & Study Design​​​​
Whether you are in need of a professional office space that has a visual presence in your everyday living spaces; or you need a study room for your kids to chill and hit the books. Paradigm can provide you a stylish, organized space that functions for your family. 
With today's busy families, we are evolving to create a paradigm shift in the way clients and consumers receive and purchase their home design and decor needs. It is crucial for artisans to adapt to the current functionality of lifestyles.  Which is why we are ecstatic to expand our business in 2018 into digital design.  We aim to create beautiful unique spaces that you can purchase quickly for your home, no matter where you are located to simplify your busy lifestyle.  We also understand that some clients would still appreciate one-on-one interaction and installation services.  Do not hesitate to set up a traditional appointment for those needs at trista @paradigmhomedesign.com.  
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As designers and artists, there is no greater reward than the acceptance and appreciation of our work. Thank you for supporting Paradigm Home.